Prone to rampantly tasty guitaristic diversity, deadly serious compositional tendencies, and lawless sprees of sonic expressionism, the press has hailed guitarist/composer Jeff Younger as "a workaholic super-genious musician freak", "the mad scientist of the electric guitar", and "a 6-string master who has learned the most extreme techniques of the guitar."

One of the busiest and most individual musicians in Canada, Jeff has become renowned as a fearless improviser with an extensive palette of modern language and extended techniques at his fingertips.  He possesses a rare textural, expressionistic sensitivity, but also likes to lay it down deep and funky, crank it up and rock out, and sing a pretty tune now and then.  In summer 2012, Jeff embarked on a coast to coast solo tour from his home base of Vancouver, BC, to Charlottetown, PEI, in promotion of a fully improvised solo guitar with electronics cd, Jeff Younger's Devil Lops volume two.  Younger also toured the country in the summer of 2011 with his modern jazz group The Unsupervised, a tour which featured a completely slamming, award nominated performance on the main stage at The Montreal Jazz Festival.  Jeff is quickly becoming one of the freshest and most powerful voices in the national creative music community.

As a performer, Jeff has done a vast range of projects, including being hand picked by New York composer John King as the featured musical soloist for Ballet BC's 25th Anniversary production of Kevin O'day's contemporary ballet Face to Face.  In addition to The Unsupervised, the Devil Loops, and his many projects within the dance community, Jeff roams about town as a prolific performer, bandleader, co-conspirator and hired gun, and somehow finds time to run Vancouver's most hilariously inappropriate country band The Family Stump.

As a composer, Younger freely traverses the worlds of contemporary classical music, expressionistic sound design, modern jazz and all spaces in between.  He receives regular commissions, writes for all of his original projects, and has worked extensively with the finest in contemporary dance.  Currently, Jeff is working on a 20 minute double string quartet for the prominent American choreographer/dancer, and 2012 Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award recipient, Donald Sales.  Other recent commissions include major works for Out Innerspace Dance Theatre (2010), Ruckus Dance Company Productions (2009, 2008, 2007), and numerous small works.

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